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About Us

    90% of us have not prepared a Last Will & Testament, a Healthcare Power of Attorney or Living Will to safeguard ourselves and our families from catastrophes and most likely won't before it's too late.

    In addition we know most small business owners should incorporate, create an LLC or form a separate entity to protect personal assets from business liability, yet we don't because of the cost.

    For these reasons we created this website to provide documents, tutorials and instant document preparation that takes just a few minutes to prepare any Estate Planning or Business Formation Document. Only your personal attorney can offer legal advice, do not rely on this site or it's documents for legal advice.

    We hope you find this site helpful.

    Thank You,

Mission Statement

We believe everyone should be able to form a new business or prepare their own Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Living Will or other important documents without paying expensive Attorney Fees.


GetFreeDocs is not a law firm and does not offer legal advice. This site only provides Free Legal Documents and Robots to Instantly Prepare and Email them.
There is no substitute for the advice of an attorney when it comes to legal matters.

About Us and it's administrator designed this website as a tool that can be used by anyone willing to act on their own to form their own company or draft their own legal documents.